Yep..the title says it all. I easily compose 2-3 blog posts per week in my they end up here..NO!

Oh well, life goes on and the older I get the better I am at admitting I suck at something…like blogging!

So what have I been up to the past 2 months?

Attempting to stay sane…exercise more…eat less..etc. I sound positively average! That’s ok too!

Actually, I’m trying to cut out meat. I’m mostly successful. I’m calling myself a backwards Catholic (I’m Methodist so that may not be too far from the truth) this lent. I’m avoiding meat all week and then indulging on the weekend.

I have been working out more and it is incredible how much more energy I have. Looking forward to spring so I can get outside and start running again. Been mainly doing elliptical and workout dvds.

Ok…that’s it for tonight..see you in 3 months or sooner..who knows?

Remember..I suck at this..and that is ok!